The Josef Trilogy

The Josef Trilogy [People’s pockets and bleeding noses / Duds / Girls and Cars] tells the story of the five woodcutters Josef, Josef, Josef, Josef and Josef, who bide their “monochrome” time in the Austrian mountains. They dream of Canada, but are only able to scrape together enough for an Opel Record. A young female mountain farmer, who wishes to escape her abusive father, talks the five Josefs into a coup attempt, which fails and thwarts their hopes for an early departure. Seven years later, the Josefs finally manage to leave the continent in order to embrace a new, more colourful future in Canada. But this new world turns out to be a sham and flickers in front of the Josefs like soap operas on motel room TV screens… 


© KGP Filmproduktion

World premiere: Locarno Film Festival 2004 (Locarno, Switzerland)



Locarno Film Festival (Locarno, Switzerland)
Viennale (Vienna, Austria)
Leeds International Film Festival (Leeds, UK)
Naples International Film Festival (Neapel, Italy)


Prague Short Film Festival (Prag, Österreich)
Dissolvenze Film Festival Gradisca – Special Program "Amour Fou Pour Vous" (Gradisca d'Isonzo, Italy)
Trento Film Festival (Trento, Italy)
Singapore International Film Festival (Singapore)

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