Thomas Draschan

Thomas Draschan is one of Austria's most prolific experimental filmmakers. He also directs commercials and music videos. Draschan's work is mostly based on the very fast editing of found footage material and digs deep into the past of the visual heritage of Western society. 

1967 born in Linz, Austria
1987 Matura
1987 Theatre Studies & Journalism, University of Vienna
1992 Film studies at the State University of Fine Arts Frankfurt a.M. with Ken Jakobs, Peter Kubelka
1995 Studies at the Cooper Union N.Y. with Robert Breer
1996/97 civilian service
1998 Master student in the film class with Peter Kubelka
2000 Managing Director Hessisches Filmbüro
2002 International Film Festival Frankfurt


  • 1998: "Inner Life" film show for the exhibition of the same name in the Städelmuseum since then regular guided tours in the Städel
  • 1998: "Andy Warhol" lecture Andy Warhol Symposium Museum Wolfsburg
  • 1999: "L'Age d'Or" film show on the occasion of the reopening of the 19th & 20th century collection at the Städelsches Kunstinstitut
  • 1999: Film series in the exhibition hall Schulstrasse 1A, Frankfurt
  • 2000: "compilation role", compilation and restoration of works by graduates of the Peter Kubelka class from 22 years, 6 full-length programs
  • 2000: "How You Look at it" Film show for the exhibition of the same name at the Städelsches Kunstinstitut
  • 2001: "Independent Film Show Naples 1st Edition", Studio Morra, Naples
  • 2002: "Independent Film Show Naples 2nd Edition", Studio Morra, Naples


  • 2014: Wotruba (6.5min, 2k)
  • 2009: Continental Divide (10min, HD)
  • 2009: Joy (3min. 35mm)
  • 2008: Terror (Cinema commercial for the Kunsthalle Wien)
  • 2007: La mémoire des enfants (Documentary about the deportation of Jewish children from France, together with Hannes Gellner)
  • 2006: Keynote (6min, Video together with Sebastian Brameshuber (Fordbrothers))
  • 2007: EGG (Everything's Gone Green) (Music video for New Order)
  • 2006: Turn (Music video for New Order)
  • 2006: Everything's gone green (Music video for New Order)
  • 2005:The Influence Of Ocular Light Perception On Metabolism In Man And In Animal (6min. Found Footage Film, together with Stella Friedrichs)
  • 2004: Girls And Cars (Music video for The Josefs, together with Sebastian Brameshuber (Ford Brothers))
  • 2004: Preserving Cultural Traditions In A Period Of Instability (3min. Video, together with Sebastian Brameshuber (Ford Brothers))
  • 2004: Bloodsample (Music video for Losoul, together with Sebastian Brameshuber (Ford Brothers))
  • 2004: Encounter In Space (5min. Found footage film)
  • 2003: To The Happy Few (4min. Found footage film, together with Stella Friedrichs)
  • 2002: Yes? Oui? Yes? (4min. Found footage film, together with Ulrich Wiesner)
  • 2002: Metropolises of the frivolous (12min. Found footage film, together with Ulrich Wiesner)
  • 1999: Italy (3min. Experimental film)
  • 1998: 3 Films (9min. Experimental film)
  • 1996: In Naples (Nitsch) (6min. Experimental film)
  • 1996: Franziska (5min. Experimental film)


  • 2005: Melhor contribuicao a linguagem cinematografica, Recine Archive Film Festival 2005 Honourable Mention, mediacity 11
  • 2004: Special Mention, Ann Arbor Film Festival 
  • 2003: Hessischer Filmpreis, mit Stella Friedrichs
  • 2003: Blue Award, THAW 03, Iowa City
  • 2002: Griot Editorial Award for Excellence in the Art of Film Editing, Ann Arbour Film Festival
  • 2001: Hessischer Filmpreis
  • 1999: Honourable Mention, Diagonale Graz
  • 1998: Honourable Mention, Ann Arbour Festival
  • 1998: Sharon Cousin Founders Award, Onion City Film Festival, Chicago