La Mémoire des Enfants

Remembering the Children

France 1942 – 1944. The Deportation of thousands of jewish children towards Nazi-concentration camps depicted from the point of view of those concerned. Six survivors talk about their deportation, how they outlived Auschwitz, respectively how they succeeded in hiding from the Nazi-regime that killed their families. These witnesses combine personal fate with historical facts. Vehemently they point out the responsibility of the Vichy-regime. Furthermore the acquainted Nazi-hunter Serge Klarsfeld reminds us of the protruding participation of Austrian Nazis in executing the “final solution” in France. 


© Hannes Gellner & Thomas Draschan, KGP Filmproduktion


World premiere: Vienna Jewish Filmfestival 2006


Diagonale. Festival des Österreichischen Films (Graz, Austria)
Crossing Europe (Linz, Austria)
International Film Festival Jewish Motifs (Warsaw, Poland)
Jérusalem Jewish Film Festival (Jerusalem, Israel)

Cork International Film Festival (Cork, Ireland)