Elisabeth Scharang

born 1969 in Bruck/Mur, lives and works as a scriptwriter, filmmaker and radio presenter in Vienna.
The self-taught documentary filmmaker has been travelling through all genres and all continents for seventeen years; often with camera in hand herself. The idiosyncratic cinema documentary "Tintenfischalarm" celebrated its world premiere at the Berlinale in 2005 and has since been shown at over 30 international film festivals. After two successful television feature films, "Maybe in Another Life" was the director's first feature film.

Selected film works directed and scripted:

  • 1997: The Days of the Commune (TV film)
  • 1998: Silence and Remembering (TV film)
  • 2001: Normal Times (also screenplay)
  • 2005: My Murderer (also screenplay, together with Michael Scharang)
  • 2006: Squid Alert
  • 2006: My Dear Republic (documentary about and with Friedrich Zawrel and Florian Klenk)
  • 2007: Franz Fuchs - Ein Patriot (also screenplay, together with Karl Iro Goldblat) (TV film)
  • 2011: Maybe in Another Life
  • 2014: Kick Out Your Boss
  • 2015: Jack
  • 2019: Heart Chase
  • 2020: Letter To A Friend (together with William Edouard Franck)
  • 2020: Level 0 - When the Humans Fall Silent, the Machines Speak (co-written with William Edouard Franck)

Selected Awards:

  • 2011 Jewish Eye IFF Best Feature Film for Maybe in Another Life.
  • 2011 Axel Corti Award
  • 2008 ROMY Best Director for "Franz Fuchs - A Patriot
  • 2008 Erich Neuberg Award for "Franz Fuchs - A Patriot
  • 2008 FIPA D'Argent Jury Prize for "Franz Fuchs - A Patriot
  • 2006 FIPA D'DOR Best Television Film for "My Murderer
  • 2006 ROMY Best Screenplay together with Michael Scharang for "My Murderer
  • 2006 ZOOM Festival Best Film for "My Murderer


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