La Mémoire des Enfants - Remembering the Children

a film by Hannes Gellner & Thomas Draschan

La Mémoire des Enfants
DOCUMENTARY | 2007 | Austria, France | 74 min | Color | HDV

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France 1942 – 1944. The Deportation of thousands of jewish children towards Nazi-concentration camps depicted from the point of view of those concerned. Six survivors talk about their deportation, how they outlived Auschwitz, respectively how they succeeded in hiding from the Nazi-regime that killed their families. These witnesses combine personal fate with historical facts. Vehemently they point out the responsibility of the Vichy-regime. Furthermore the acquainted Nazi-hunter Serge Klarsfeld reminds us of the protruding participation of Austrian Nazis in executing the “final solution” in France.

Director: Hannes Gellner & Thomas DraschanScreenplay: Hannes Gellner, Thomas DraschanCamera: Hannes Gellner, Thomas DraschanEditing: Hannes Gellner, Thomas Draschan
Production: Draschan / Gellner
Funding: Oberösterreich Kultur, Stadt Wien

Worldsales: Sixpack Film /

Diagonale 2007

Crossing Europe Linz

Warsaw Jewish Motifs Filmfestival 

Jérusalem Jewish Film Festival 

Cork Film Festival 2008


Hannes Gellner 

Born in Vienna, Austria in 1969.

1995 - 1998 National Highschool of Fine Arts Frankfurt: Film

1992 - 1995 National Highschool of Applied Arts Vienna: Painting

1989 - 1992 University of Vienna: Theaterart



2007 La Mémoire des Enfants-Remembering the Children. co-dir: Thomas Draschan. 
Individual destiny of Jewish children in France,1942-44. 
With Serge and Beate Klarsfeld and five Shoah-survivors.

2006 Freud at the Baths. co-dir: Sebastian Brameshuber. 
Sigmund Freud's textes read at the famous thermal baths 
in Budapest, film for the Austrian Cultural Forum Budapest.

2006 Sweet Success 
Warsaw: a traditional polish family-company in trouble as 
trying to conquer international markets in the pastry sector.

2005 "Télé Vérité Autriche". With Hubsi Kramar. 
Series of 8 shorts on Austria's historic identity lies.

2000 "Il faut y aller": documentary on the protest movement against nationalists in the Austrian government. Awarded at the Festival of Austrian Film (Most Innovative Movie)

2000 - 2002 Filmteacher at the Centre des Amandiers, Paris.

From 1999-2002

Director for the Algerian TV-station BRTV and Rosny TV, Paris.

Director of several films on command in Paris: for the dance companies Nawal Benabdallah, l'Autre Danse and Nakissa, the humanitarian organisations Les Petits Freres des Pauvres and Action Against Hunger, the Jewish boarding school Cite d'Education Sinai, the Algerian comedian Fellag and the festival-director Rachid Doufene. In Vienna: Film for the Ministry of Social Affairs .



Thomas Draschan 

Thomas Draschan is one of Austria´s most prolific experimental filmmakers. He is also directing commercials and music videos. Draschan´s work is mostly based on very rapid editing of found footage material, digging deep into the past of the visual heritage of western society. 
Together with Sebastian Brameshuber, who was born in 1981 in Gmunden, Upper Austria and is studying at the University of Fine Arts in Vienna, Thomas Draschan is also known as The Ford Brothers.

1967 born in Linz, Austria
1987 Matura
1987 Theaterwissenschaft & Publizistik, Universität Wien
1992 Filmstudium an der staatlichen Hochschule für bildende Künste Frankfurt a.M. bei Ken Jakobs, Peter Kubelka
1995 Studium an der Cooper Union N.Y. bei Robert Breer
1996/97 Zivildienst
1998 Meisterschüler der Klasse Film bei Peter Kubelka
2000 Geschäftsführer Hessisches Filmbüro
2002 International Film Festival Frankfurt


1998 "Innenleben" Filmschau zur gleichnamigen Ausstellung im Städelmuseum seither regelmäßig Führungen im Städel
1998 "Andy Warhol" Vortrag Andy Warhol Symposium Museum Wolfsburg
1999 "L'Age d'Or" Filmschau anlässlich der Wiedereröffnung der Sammlung 19. & 20. Jhdt. Im Städelschen Kunstinstitut
1999 Filmreihe in der Ausstellungshalle Schulstrasse 1A, Frankfurt
2000 "Kompilationsrolle", Zusammenstellung und Restaurierung von Arbeiten von Absolventen der Klasse Peter Kubelka aus 22 Jahren, 6 abendfüllende Programme
2000 "How You Look at it" Filmschau zur gleichnamigen Ausstellung im Städelschen Kunstinstitut
2001 "Independent Film Show Naples 1st Edition", Studio Morra, Neapel
2002 "Independent Film Show Naples 2nd Edition", Studio Morra, Neapel


2007 La Mémoire des Enfants - Remembering the Children.
co-dir: Hannes Gellner

2005 The influence of ocular light perception on metabolism in man and in animal, 16mm, 6min, colour, sound (mit Stella Friedrichs)
2004 Girls and Cars Remixed, musicvideo for The Josefs, 4min, colour, sound (The Ford Brothers)
2004 Heroes, video installation, 10min, colour, sound
2004 Preserving Cultural Traditions in a Period of Instability, 35mm, 3min, colour, sound (The Ford Brothers)
2004 Bloodsample, music video for Losoul, 4min, colour, sound (The Ford Brothers)
2004 Here Alone, music video for Bildmeister, 4min, colour, sound (The Ford Brothers)
2003 Encounter in Space, 16mm, 7,5 min, colour, sound
2003 To the Happy Few, 16mm, 4min, colour, sound
2002 Yes? Oui? Ja?, 16mm, 4min, colour, sound
2000 Metropolen des Leichtsinns, 16mm, 12min, colour, sound
1999 Italien, 16mm, 3min, colour, sound
1998 3 Filme, 16mm, 9min, colour, silent
1997 In Neapel (Nitsch), 16mm, 6min, colour, sound
1996 In Wien, 16mm, 3min, b/w, silent
1996 Franziska, 16mm, 5min, colour, silent
1995 N.Y. 1-4, S-8, 12min, colour, silent
1994 Ich II-X, S-8, 27min, colour, silent
1993 Bettina, S-8, 3min, colour, silent
1993 Ich I, S-8, 3min, colour, silent
1992 Schwimmen, S-8, 3min, colour, silent
1991 Eva, S-8, 3min, colour, silent
1991 Günter, S-8, 3min, colour, silent


2005 Melhor contribuicao a linguagem cinematografica, Recine Archive Film Festival
2005 Honourable Mention, mediacity 11
2004 Special Mention, Ann Arbor Film Festival 
2003 Hessischer Filmpreis, with Stella Friedrichs
2003 Blue Award, THAW 03, Iowa City
2002 Griot Editorial Award for Excellence in the Art of Film Editing, Ann Arbour Film Festival
2001 Hessischer Filmpreis
1999 Honourable Mention, Diagonale Graz
1998 Honourable Mention, Ann Arbour Festival
1998 Sharon Cousin Founders Award, Onion City Film Festival, Chicago


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Light Cone Paris
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Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Center Toronto

© Hannes Gellner & Thomas Draschan, KGP Kranzelbinder Gabriele Production