Fly By Rossinant

a film by Jacky Stoev

COMEDY | 2007 | Bulgaria, Serbia, Austria | 85 min | Bulgarian | Color | 35mm

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This is a story from the world of music. The characters are Bulgarian musicians and singers on a tour in Western Europe. Just like all opera companies around the world, this one is also a tangled web of complicated relationships. Selfishness and treachery intersect, past and present passions simmer and boil. The territory of music is the only place they seem united. That is where they unfold their typically Balkan sensitivity and harness it to the chariot of classical music which they have as their vocation. Their frantic energy impregnate the classical music and it turns out as newly born: innocent and charming, strange and beautiful in spite of its barbaric sound. We rely on the original compositions of Goran Bregovich to produce this feeling.
Cast: Itsko Fintsi, Krustio Lafazanov, Dian (Dido) Machev, Janet Ivanova, Stefania Koleva, Sashka Fillipova

Director: Jacky StoevScreenplay: Swetoslav Ovtscharov, Jacky StoevCamera: Plamen Gelinov, Miladin CholakovichEditing: Krassi Velitschkova, Nina AltaparmakovaMusic: Goran BregovichSound: Boris Trajanov, Nenad VukadinovichArt Direction: Prolet IvanovaCostumes: Elena DenyakovaLocation Manager: Bogdan Gribic (Austria)Production Management: Alexander Metodiev, Alexander Glehr (Austria)
Production: Diana Damjanova, Alexander Metodiev, Maxa Chatovic, Gabriele Kranzelbinder, Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu
Funding: National Film Center Bulgaria, Bulgarian National TV, Cine Styria, Eurimages, Vivatel

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A musical film with elements of Grand Opera and Silent Movies.
This is one typically Balkan story (more likely several stories), told in the stylistics of the musical comedy genre, but also in the dimensions of a wider philosophical-narrative impression.
A small but very talented artistic musical group from a provincial Bulgarian town embarks on a tour aiming to conquer the music scene of Western Europe. The action takes place mostly in and around an old and battered bus which is the group’s means of transportation and which bears, most appropriately, the name of Don Quixote’s horse Rocinante. Dreams and reality, just like in Cervantes’s novel, intermingle beyond recognition, but there is an abundance of Don Quixote’s and Sancho Panza’s.
Fly by Rocinante is also a film about love – past, present and future.  At times simultaneously lustfully-rough and abstractly noble, consumed or just anticipated.
Sure there are melancholic tunes in the overall comic structure, especially on topics like “time flies irreversibly”, “artistic drive wanes with the coming of life’s dusk. But great art triumphs above all, and the love for the audience.
This is not just a Balkan Happy End, it is offered with a lot of Balkan music-folklore and philosophy colouring. In spite of all the difficulties and tribulations, fears and mishaps man is prone to and circumstances bring about, the vitality of the creative spirit, the flight of fantasy, as well as the persistent constructive creativity, are capable of achieving the final victory! On stage at least…
The film – defined by the director Georgi Stoev – Jacky as “Le Cinema Variete”, is so intense, real and unique in its Balkan character due, also, to the music of the Serbian maestro Goran Bregovich.
Could the film be a symbol of the voyage of a small Balkan country to Europe in an old battered bus, a left-over from the past.
The film is a homage to the roots of cinema.


Special award – 10th Euro-Asian Telephorum, Moscow (Russia)

Special award – International movie festival “Vernoe Sarce”, Moscow (Russia)

Special award – International festival “Az, Chelovek”, Orenburgh (Russia)

Prize awarded by the Director of the Festival - 6th Festival of European Film Smiles - Mladà Boleslav (Czech Republic)
...for its witty portrayal of a clash of cultures in modern Europe in the form of a crazy comedy.


10th Euro-Asian  Telephorum, Moscow (Russia) 2007

International movie festival “Vernoe Sarce”, Moscow (Russia) 2007

International festival “Az, Chelovek”, Orenburgh (Russia)  2007

12th Sofia Film Festival 2008 (Bulgaria) 12.03.2008 - 16.03.2008

DIAGONALE Festival des österreichischen Films(Programm "Zustandswechsel Graz") - Graz (Austria) 01.04.2008 - 06.04.2008

Tishman International Bulgarian Film Festival - New York (USA) 04.04.2008 - 19.04.2008

Festival of European Film Smiles - Mladà Boleslav (Czech Republic) 13.09.2008 - 20.09.2008

Born on the 22th of March 1941 in Bulgaria


1966                    A Master’s Degree in Biology, Dresden, Germany


1967 - 1969                Assistant - operator and Assistant -   director at the Studio “Vreme”;

1969 - 1988                Director at the Studio “Vreme”, the Studio “Spektar”, the Bulgarian National Television and the Studio of feature films “Boyana”;

1969 - 1996                Over 50 popular science and documentary films;                   Feature films : “ Our Shoshcanini”,
                    “ The Misfortunes of Spas and Nelly”.
                    Film novelettes - “The Divorce in the Past”,
                    “The Divorce Nowadays”.

From 1996                A free-lancing director

1994 - the Series “Conflicts”, 20 episodes;

1995 – Twin pubs – documentary

1996 – My life – documentary

1997 – His alibi – feature short

1998 - the Series “Mosaic”, 36 episodes;

2001 - the Series “Buz-z-z-z”- the Bulgarian National Television; 25 episodes;

2003 - the Transmission “Sham” – the Bulgarian National Television; 4 episodes.


1986 - “The Golden Rhyton”        

for the film “Counted Days”;

1969 - An Award of the International Association of the popular science cinema       

for the film “ The Children of the Animals”

1987 - A Award of the International Association of the popular science cinema       

for the film “Dance”; for the film” About the Mice and the Cats”;

1989 - an award at the First nternational Festival of Peking  

for the film “Dance”;

1990 - the International Children’s Festival - Belgrade   

for the film “The Misfortunes of Spas and Nelly”

1990 - an award of SIFEZ and an award of the public          

for the film “The Misfortunes of Spas and Nelly”

1991 - an award of the Protestant Jury of Oberhausen            

for the film “Counted Days”;

1991 – the special award of the jury on the International comedies festival, Gabrovo    

for the film “The Misfortunes of Spas and Nelly”

2007 – 10th Euro-Asian  Telephorum, Moscow – the Special award           
for the film “Fly by Rossinant”

2007 – International movie festival “Vernoe Sarce”, Moscow – the Special award            
for the film “Fly by Rossinant”

2007 – International festival “Az, Chelovek”, Orenburgh, Russia – the Special award       
for the film “Fly by Rossinant”

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