Being and Nothingness

a film by Bady Minck

EXPERIMENTAL FILM | 2007 | Austria, Luxembourg | 10 min | Color | 35mm | 1:1.66

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Working with Beat Furrer´s "Ein Lied, das über das Ende des Liedes hinaus ein anderes Ende finden wollte", Being and Nothingness makes the parameters of the generation of music visible. Music is poured into pictures: What you see is what you hear. Being and Nothingness shows the dominance of music over the body, its presence and its disappearance. Conductor Beat Furrer appears as the tamer of time and the master of silence. The individual musicians are only visible in the extremely brief moments in which they play, with their bodies representing the notes on a visualized score. The progressive deconstruction of the music is accompanied visually by a deconstructed image.
Cast: Beat Furrer, Pozzo Furrer, Hans Lugmair, die Musiker des Klangforum Wien >> Markus Deuter, Andreas Eberle, Vera Fischer, Thomas Frey, Uli Fussenegger, Andrew Jezek, Andreas Lindenbaum, Gunde Jäch-Micko, Florian Müller, Anders Nyqvist, Dimitrios Polisoidis, Edurne Santos, Sophie Schafleitner, Lukas Schiske, Petra Stump, Christoph Walder, Björn Wilker, Bernhard Zachhuber

Director: Bady MinckScreenplay: Bady MinckCamera: Jörn Staeger, Martin PutzEditing: Frédéric FichefetMusic: Beat Furrer interpretiert vom Klangforum WienSound: Peter Böhm, Wolfram WuinovicLocation Manager: Alfie KralProduction Management: Alfie KralKey-Gaffer: Matthias Pötsch, Wolfram Wuinovic
Production: Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu, Gabriele Kranzelbinder, Bady Minck
Funding: Filmfund Luxembourg, BKA.kunst, ORF Innovationsfonds, Stadt Wien
Distribution: SixpackFilm
&Asiana Int'l Short Film Festival Seoul (1.11. - 6.11.2007)
Milano Doc Festival International Competition (12.9. - 30.9.2007)
EXiS Experimental Film & Video Festival Seoul (24.8. - 30.8.2007)
Linoleum Festival of Alternative Animation Moscow (August 2007)
 (2.8. - 12.8.2007)
Festival Cinéfleuve - Kino im Fluss (30.6. - 24.7.2007)
Artfilm Int'l Film Festival Trencianske Teplice (22.6. - 30.6.2007)
Festival de Cine de Huesca European Forum (7.6. - 16.6.2007) 
Int'l Cinema & Music Festival of Ashdod (26.5. - 30.5.2007)
Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz (24.4. - 29.4.2007) 
Diagonale Festival of Austrian Film (19.3. - 25.3.2007)
International Film Festival Rotterdam (24.1. - 4.2.2007)
Prix UIP Short Film Nominee for the European Film Awards

 bady minck


born in luxembourg, she works as an artist and filmmaker in vienna and luxembourg, where she explores the field of tension between film and the fine arts. she studied sculpture at vienna's academy of fine arts and experimental film at the university of applied arts. her work crosses the borders between the various artistic disciplines and is presented in movie theaters, at film festivals, in museums, galleries, public spaces and on the world wide web.

bady minck is the creator of electro-breakfast, the constructor of the electro-cells and the inventor of the stomach literacy actions. her intervention-art includes graffiti, performance, eat-art and mail-art in the early eighties, objects, installations, net-art, political intervention-art and art-to-science-transfer.

she is founding member of amour fou film vienna and minotaurus filmluxembourg, where she produces films such as matthias müller's nebel and virgil widrich's fast film.

her films have been presented in retrospectives and invited to more than 300 international film festivals, including cannes (semaine de la critique 1989, quinzaine des réalisateurs 2003), amsterdam idfa, ann arbor, annecy, berlinale, bilbao, buenos aires, cairo, cardiff, chicago, cracow, edinburgh, fukuoka, huesca, istanbul, jerusalem, johannisbourg, karlovy vary, las vegas, locarno, london, los angeles, madrid, melbourne, montreal, new york, osaka, oslo, pesaro, philadelphia, rotterdam, são paulo, san francisco, semarang, seoul, singapur, sydney, tel aviv, tokyo, toronto, warsaw.

her films have received awards and special mentions in pesaro, saarbrücken, frankfurt, bordeaux, trento, szolnok, graz, vienna, rome, london and new york. in the beginning was the eye was selected for the top ten best films of east and central europe in trencianske teplice as well as for the top ten best films 2003 in melbourne, australia.

her films have been purchased for various collections, including the collections of the centre pompidou, paris; the university of kentucky, lexington; the cinémathèque de luxembourg; the roland collection, london; the new york filmmakers coop; the fine art collection, university of florida and the rockefeller library at brown university, providence.

her artworks and films have been exhibited at the musée d'art moderne at centre pompidou, paris; at the expo '98 in lisboa; at the museum of fine arts in houston; at the centre d'art contemporain fribourg; at the kunsthalle wien; at the landesmuseum linz; at the modern arts center budapest; at the galerie zacheta warsaw; at the fabrica audiovisual in buenos aires; at the casino - forum d'art contemporain luxembourg; at batofar in paris; at the arts centre plymouth; at the pacific film archives san francisco; etc.

as a curator she has put together film programs for the academy of arts in berlin; bogazici university in istanbul; independent film show napoli; cinémathèque luxembourg; filmcasino wien; film festival fantoche, switzerland; batofar paris; soundart festival hannover and son ambiente festival berlin. in 2003 she curated the special program re<local>isation at the international short film festival oberhausen.

she has been teaching art and film as visiting professor at universities and academies of art in several countries, including the bogacici university istanbul, fachhochschule joanneum graz, università di udine, donau-universität krems, kunstuniversität linz, academy of fine arts munich, université de luxembourg and shake academy cologne & luxembourg. she has been giving lectures and holding workshops at festivals and symposia in several countries.


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