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The beginning of gravity or the fateful journey of a noble family and their servants across the Alps

a film by Thomas Woschitz

Am Anfang der Schwerkraft oder die schicksalhafte Reise einer noblen Familie und ihrer Dienerschaft über die Berge
FEATURE FILM | 2019 | 110 min

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Sometime in the 17th century, a noble family sets out to cross the Alps with a retinue of servants and six horse-drawn coaches, accompanied by both mounted and foot soldiers to protect the cavalcade from waylaying thieves. Yet a thunderstorm followed by the arrogance of the mighty disrupt the fragile balance of things: the hierarchy of sovereignty, the people and their beliefs and, not least, their route of passage. This is a story about power and powerlessness, faith and knowledge, and the fact that in the end, gravity always gets you down.

Director: Thomas WoschitzScreenplay: Thomas Woschitz
Funding: ÖFI - Österreichisches Filminstitut, IDM - Südtirol/Alto Adige

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