Here we are in the middle

In Ebensee, a small town in Austria surrounded by mountains, three teenagers Ramona, Andreas and Michael seem to be waiting for something. A new shopping center is being built, but the selection of shops is a disappointment for them. While the arrival of visitor buses for the annual memorial service in the former concentration camp causes not only curiosity, but also suspicion in the young residents, the older generation remains predominantly skeptical. They want to distance themselves from the dark past of the area, from the dark tunnels, relics of the Nazi past. During the 2009 memorial service, a radical right-winged interference occurred, caused by local teenagers in one of the tunnels. 


World premiere: Berlin International Film Festival 2014 - Forum (Berlin, Germany)


© KGP Filmproduktion


Berlin International Film Festival - Forum (Berlin, Germany)
Diagonale. Festival des österreichischen Films (Graz, Austria)