Fly By Rossinant

A story from the world of music. The characters are Bulgarian musicians on a tour of opera houses in Western Europe. As in all artists' groups in the world, we find a tangled web of complicated relationships among the members of this opera tour. Selfishness and betrayal are omnipresent, past and present passions bubble and boil. Only in the music do the protagonists seem to be all united. In the music they unfold their Southeastern European sensibility and equip it to become the chariot of classical music, which they see as their calling. Their irrepressible energy fertilizes the classical music, which seems to be reborn: innocent and seductive, strange and beautiful at the same time – despite its barbaric sound. We trust in the compositions of Goran Bregovich to create this feeling. 


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Euro-Asian Telephorum (Moscow, Russia)

Special Award

International Movie Festival "Vernoe Sarce" (Moscow, Russia)

Special Award

International Festival "Az, Chelovek"

Special Award

Festival of European Film Smiles 

Prize, awarded by the director of the festival - Mladá Boleslav 



Euro-Asian Telephorum, (Moscow, Russia)
Moscow International Film Festival (Moscow, Russia)
Chelovek International Film Festival (Orenburgh, Russia)

Sofia International Film Festival (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Diagonale. Festival des österreichischen Films (Graz, Austria)
Festival of European Film Smiles